Last October, the members of Taiwanese pop trio S.H.E, Selina Jen, Hebe Tien and Ella Chen announced that they would be leaving their management agency, HIM Music International, and establishing their respective personal management agencies.

Since then, fans of S.H.E have worried that the girls will be focusing on their solo activities, which would lead to the disbandment of the group. Despite multiple denials and reassurance from the individual members, fans remained unconvinced.

Earlier today, Selina’s father posted a number of pictures on Weibo sharing that the trio went on a trip to Hokkaido last August.

Captioned “20180808 (August 8 2018), family vacation. Looking forward to 2019,”  the post contained a slew of pictures from their vacation together. With over 10 people in their party, fans quickly spotted Selina’s parents, Hebe and Ella’s friends, Selina’s younger sister, Taiwanese actress Lorene Ren, as well as Ella’s husband and son.

The group gamely posed together for photos at a flower farm, even showing off a custom-printed banner with the words, “2018 S.H.E’s families crazy vacation (in) Hokkaido”.

Among the many pictures was one where Ella’s son, nicknamed “Jinbao” had inadvertently photobombed a group photo by walking across the frame. The girls of S.H.E can also be seen posing for group photos together as well.

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Photos: PBE Media

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