People Are Having A Problem With Joanne Peh’s Accent And She's Not Having Any Of It

She's speaking "proper Mandarin", okay?

Joanne Peh’s comeback role in Ch 8 drama Dream Coder has been making headlines. For all the wrong reasons. Netizens have called out the actress for speaking in an accent that's less Singaporean, and more Mainland Chinese.

This certainly isn’t the first time Joanne is sporting a Chinese accent, as she did in her previous dramas like 2012's Pillow Talk (where she played a Singaporean salesgirl) and 2014's C.L.I.F. 3 (where she played a Singaporean policewoman)But never before has the actress copped so much flak —  some viewers are threatening to switch channels, presumably ’cos her accent has become discernibly much stronger. Was it from the actress having spent too much time in China, where her Guangzhou-born hubby Qi Yuwu is currently based?

Some viewers have since taken to Joanne’s Instagram to air their unhappiness, which resulted in a war of words between the outspoken actress and her detractors: 


instagram 3

But there were some fans who spoke up for her:


The drama culminated in a long rebuttal Joanne posted on her Instagram: 


Guess we know who should be the next Speak Mandarin campaign ambassador. 

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