Director Nelson Yeh and main cast members Peggy Tseng, James Wen, Denny Huang, Wanfang and Long Shao Hua attended the premiere of Netflix original series A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities in Taipei on August 27.

Peggy, who bared her back for passionate love scenes in the show, revealed that she probably kissed James more than 100 times. "Kissing eventually became as easy as drinking water for us!" she quipped. Nelson also joked, "They exposed their bodies so much that we eventually got tired of shooting the love scenes!"

Denny, who was in the midst of shooting a TV series in China, specially flew back to Taipei for the premiere. He said, "I'm really similar to the character I play. My elder brother prevented me from leaving America to pursue a showbiz career in Taiwan. I was so angry with him that we lost touch for two years. He only contacted me again when my mother got a stroke, explaining to me that he had found a job in a New York bank for me at that time."

Recalling the days when he first came to Taiwan, Denny said, "I only had NTD 15,000 (about S$670) in my pocket and I spent it all in one month. I tried to teach English, but that only lasted two days. Then, I ran a coffee shop and earned money as a model. Because I could not speak Chinese, the first six months were really hard. Now, I have lived in Taiwan for over ten years."

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