Taiwanese actors Patty Wu and Yankee Yang promoted their new TV series The Love Story in Banana Orchard with Chinese-Taiwanese model Chang Chiung Tzu and Taiwan-based Singaporean singer-actor Wong Jinglun in Taipei on June 9.

Yankee revealed that he was nearly killed by a bunch of bananas during production. “It happened during a bamboo rafting scene, where Jinglun and I had to accidentally fall into the water with a bunch of bananas,” he explained. “But the river current was so strong that when I came up for air, it sent a rock-hard bunch of bananas slamming into my head, sending me beneath the surface.”

He also shared about suffering from heatstroke on set with Hong Kong actor Tai Bo, who plays his father in the show. “We were both so dizzy we could not remember our script and messed up over 30 times,” he recalled. “The director was so angry he did not want to continue shooting, but that night he bought us packets of brown sugar, saying that it will help prevent heatstroke.”

With the news of Lin Chi-ling and Exile’s Akira’s sudden marriage making headlines across the entertainment world, Patty, who has been dating a Japanese man named Aki for several years, was asked what her boyfriend is like.

“From my experience, he is someone who places a lot of importance on good manners,” she shared. “For example, if you don’t say ‘I’m going to eat’ before a meal, or if you don’t greet him after coming home or say goodbye before leaving the house, he will get angry!” Chiung Tzu then revealed that her baseball coach husband Kuo Tai Yuan was also like that when they were living in Japan for a while.

Photos: TPG