Patty Hou attended a press conference for a skincare brand in Taipei on June 11, where she was asked for her thoughts on Lin Chi-ling’s recent flash marriage to Japanese singer-actor Akira.

“Like everyone else, I was very surprised when I heard the news, but I was also very happy for her,” she shared. “I also sent her a message congratulating her on Instagram. I believe she’s able to feel and appreciate all the blessings and well-wishes from everyone around her.”

When asked if Patty has already asked Chi-ling to quickly have babies, the host laughed and said, “I won’t do that. I just want her to enjoy being married.”

She added that she won’t give Chi-ling tips on how to be a happy wife because she believes the latter will be fine. “I think we’re both the kind of people who worry a lot and want to do everything as perfectly as possible, so I just want her to love without fear and to happily enjoy this chapter in her life.”

Photos: TPG

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