Patrick Tse on Cecilia Cheung’s third child: This does not concern our family

The veteran actor seems to have had it with the repeated questioning


Veteran Hong Kong actor Patrick Tse has always been a dedicated grandfather, showering much love and affection on his two grandsons, Lucas and Quintus. 

Even after his son, Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse, divorced Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung, Patrick maintained a close relationship with Cecilia, who has sole custody of Lucas, 11, and Quintus, 8.

At a recent drama wrap party, Patrick was asked about his grandsons. Talking about his day-to-day interactions with them, Patrick shared happily, “My two grandsons will head over to Nicholas’ place most of the time. I see them around once a month, and every time I see them, I’ll just watch over them while they have fun,” showing his doting side.

However, when the reporter asked if Patrick has met Cecilia’s third child, nicknamed ‘Little Prince’, the actor turned sullen, before answering coldly, “I don’t know! This does not concern our family,” seemingly frustrated with the many questions he has gotten regarding his former daughter-in-law's bundle of joy.

Cecilia gave birth to a baby boy late last year. The news of her pregnancy and delivery took many by surprise as she went to great lengths to keep it a secret despite the many unconfirmed reports and sightings of Cecilia and her family at the hospital.

In December last year, she confirmed that she had given birth to her third child, and later shared that she will not be responding to any speculations regarding the father of her child.

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