Patrick Tse, Nina Paw, Adrian Wong, Alice Chan, Jacqueline Wong, Yumiko Cheng, and more attended a celebration banquet for their TV series Forensic Heroes IV in Hong Kong on April 1.

"Acting has enabled me to raise my family, and I will continue acting until the day I die," said Patrick. "I'm willing to take on any role, and I will do it for free! I don't need money because [my son] Nicholas has money. (Laughs) But we will not appear together in any movies or dramas."

Actor Arnold Kwok made his first public appearance at the event after being arrested for drink-driving, after which he was released on bail. He said that he has constantly been reflecting on himself ever since the saga, and will take responsibility for his mistake.

When asked why he initially denied the incident, Arnold said that firstly, he did not want to worry his family; secondly, he had never been in such a situation before, so he was confused and did not know what to do, and ended up lying. He also said that while he has not been informed of how his company intends to deal with this matter, he will respect their decision.

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