Part of Lin Chi-ling’s super-exclusive wedding guest list revealed

She is reported to only have 12 tables of guests at her wedding this Sunday

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Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling’s wedding on November 17 has been the talk of the town. She and her husband, Japanese singer-actor Akira, registered their marriage earlier this year but only decided to hold a ceremony this month due to their respective busy schedules.

One of the first guests to be revealed was Ariel Lin, who shared that she would not be able to make it to her good friend’s nuptials as she has other plans on that day.

On November 13, the mayor of Tainan confirmed that the wedding will be taking place at Tainan Art Museum Building 1, and that the exclusive event will only be hosting 12 tables of guests. There will be a wedding party in the afternoon, followed by a banquet at night. He also shared that Chi-ling has been personally overseeing preparations for her big day.

Amidst all the hubbub, Chi-ling has shared a statement through her manager, which read, “I’m very thankful to the media for their support. We’ll be having a small gathering with our loved ones, and we’ll definitely share our joy with everyone through photos disseminated before the event.”

The guest list is reported to include variety host Dee Hsu and her husband, Mike Hsu, along with actress Tammy Chen and her plastic surgeon husband, Xue Boren. Chi-ling’s personal trainer and nutritionist are also believed to be gracing the event.

Netizens have been speculating if Akira’s family members will be present, but there has been no word on that yet. Others wondered if Chi-ling’s ex-boyfriend Jerry Yan would be invited, but have been criticised by fellow netizens for their “immature” thoughts as the actor’s presence would only make the entire ceremony awkward, especially after Chi-ling’s father indirectly branded him, along with other Taiwanese men as people with “no guts”.

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