Park Yoochun admits to abusing drugs

The singer claimed that he did so in hopes of a reunion with his ex-fiancée


Two weeks after holding a press conference in which he denied his involvement in an ongoing drug-consumption case involving his ex-fiancée, Hwang Hana, South Korean singer-actor Park Yoochun has admitted to taking drugs.

The confession comes after a drug test administered by the National Forensic Service detected traces of a form of methamphetamine in the 32-year-old’s hair. Earlier, video footage taken from a CCTV had also shown Yoochun allegedly collecting drugs left in a pre-arranged spot by a drug dealer. 

According to the police, Yoochun confessed on April 29 that he was lying all along, admitting that he was afraid of “losing himself”, and that he had denied taking drugs at first as he was afraid of losing everything that he has. However, he now understands that he needs to take responsibility for his mistake. As for the reason behind his drug consumption, Yoochun confessed that he did so as he wanted to reunite with Hana.

According to reports, Yoochun and Hana had purchased one and a half grams of drugs between February and March this year, injecting it into his body five times. In the days to come, the police will be stepping up investigations to find out the whereabouts of the remaining drugs. The case is slated to be handed over to the prosecution on May 3.

Photos: PBE Media

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