Park Bo Gum reveals the kind of boyfriend he wants to be

The actor met the media a day ahead of his second fan meet in Singapore

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The last time Korean actor Park Bo Gum was in town, it was in August 2017.

At the time, he was the host for Music Bank in Singapore, where K-pop idols SHINee, CNBLUE, BTS, Red Velvet and Mamamoo performed to a sold-out crowd. That wasn’t his first time here, however, as he held his first solo fan meet seven months earlier.

For fans of Bo Gum who were waiting with bated breath for him to return, it would take almost two years as he took on various acting projects, including the much-raved about Encounter, which also stars Song Hye Kyo.

Interestingly enough, Song Hye Kyo is married to his label-mate and fellow actor Song Joong Ki, who was his special guest at his first fan meeting here.

This time, however, he’ll be holding the stage on his own as his current tour, 2019 Park Bo Gum Asia Tour, is all about the actor spending quality time with his fans, said Bo Gum during a press conference a day before his show today.

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“Every time after I finish a drama or movie, I think the best way that I can recharge my energy levels is by meeting my fans, which is what I’m currently doing while on tour,” the 25-year-old grinned.

He’ll definitely be needing plenty of that, as he’s recently confirmed that he will be taking on the role of a human clone in upcoming movie Seobok alongside Gong Yoo. Filming, he let on, will start in May. He didn’t share further details about the project - after all, such details are usually kept top secret until the film is about to hit theatres - but he hinted that fans can anticipate seeing a different side of him with his performance this time around.

He did, however, talk about the kind of boyfriend he’d like to be, territory that’s usually steered clear of by Korean stars whenever they hit town.

“I hope I can be a boyfriend who’s also like a best friend,” he mused, as the host prodded if he’ll take on the role of too-honest-for-his-own-good best friend or you-look-good-in-everything boyfriend if he was asked the dreaded, ‘How do I look today?’ by his significant other.

“If the outfit really isn’t the most flattering, I’d say something like, ‘You always look good but this outfit is a little…’ and I think she’ll get what I mean,” he chuckled. “I think being honest is important.”

Additionally, he ticked off a long checklist of what he thinks a good boyfriend should be, naming qualities such as being able to relate to your significant other’s emotions, being considerate, and loving the other party for who they are.

While the media weren’t given the chance to ask questions - or we’d definitely ask if he think he fulfils the said criteria - we’re keeping our fingers crossed that there’ll be a tad more opportunities (if not for us, then for the fans) to interact with the actor during his show tonight.

After all, one of Park Bo Gum’s biggest charms is being the friendly boy-next-door, and hopefully, he’ll be given the chance to showcase just that.

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2019 Park Bo Gum Asia Tour in Singapore <Good Day: May Your Everyday be a Good Day> will be held tonight, March 9, 6pm at The Star Theatre.
Tickets are priced at S$228, S$198, S$158 (excluding booking charges) and are now available on APACTix.

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