Pakho Chau attended an event organised by Australian wellness brand Swisse in Hong Kong on May 20, where he learned to make dried flower bouquets.

The singer shared with a laugh that he intends to give the bouquet to his fans, instead of his wife, to show his love on “520 Day”. “She won’t be jealous because I’ve given her other presents,” he chuckled. “And she’s never been the kind to get jealous anyway - she knows what she has!”

Pakho then shared that he and his wife are not the kind of people who observe just any special occasion. “The only special occasion I really pay attention to is my wife’s birthday, but even so, we usually just have a meal together to celebrate,” he said. “The most important thing is getting to spend time together because we can be apart for two or three weeks due to my filming or concert schedules.”

Speaking of his work schedule, Pakho announced that he will be holding a concert on June 9, and that he will kick off a brand new tour in China at the end of the year. Part of his preparation includes cutting out all sweet, salty, and oily foods from his diet. “Sometimes I miss eating pizza and ice cream, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle for work is usually worth it,” he said.

Photos: TPG