Pakho Chau rushed to hospital after attending awards show

The actor revealed that he was so weak that he was unable to stand up on his own.

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Hong Kong actor Pakho Chau may have snagged two awards at the 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards on January 12, however, it wasn’t all good news for the actor-singer as the 35-year-old belatedly revealed that he had to be rushed to the hospital immediately after the awards show ended.

On January 13, Pakho updated his Instagram with a photo of himself lying on a hospital bed, with an IV drip inserted in his hand. He wrote, “I’m so sorry to have worried everyone. I was in really bad condition last night and I didn’t have energy to stand up on my own (…) I was very happy to see my friends receive their awards.”

His fans, who were understandably worried about the actor, noted that he looked slightly out of sorts during the awards show, especially after he revealed that he has been unwell for some time during an interview after the awards ceremony. He said, “I’ve been to the hospital twice in the last couple of days. My temperature was 39 degrees last night, but the doctor said I was fine.” He was also seen holding on to a staff member for support as he struggled to stay on his feet during the show.

Pakho later confirmed through his manager that he had inflamed tonsils which led a high fever. His manager continued that it was Pakho’s decision to attend the awards ceremony despite feeling unwell, and that he felt much better after staying overnight at the hospital.

Since being discharged from the hospital, he has assured that he is recovering well at home, and that his loved ones have been looking after him by preparing nutritious food to aid in his recovery.

The actor-singer won the Most Popular Male Character and Most Popular Drama Theme Song for Wonder Women.

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