Hong Kong singer Pakho Chau gave an interview to promote his upcoming 13th album All About Love in Hong Kong on December 3.

He shared that the album is actually a wedding anniversary gift for his wife, and that he is looking forward to getting her a physical copy soon. He also shared that they celebrated the special occasion by going on a trip to Thailand.

During one of Pakho's recent concert tour stops in Jiangmen, China, the staff from the hotel he stayed in leaked photos of his identity card online, causing Pakho to be understandably upset. "That is illegal, just because I'm a public figure does not mean my privacy can be invaded like that," he fumed.

Sadly, that was not the first time Pakho's privacy has been violated. "I've been secretly photographed in a locker room before," he said. "Some would say that this happens because people admire me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but that includes me too, so I'm here to make my voice heard."

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