Pakho Chau caught up in cheating rumours

Reports allege that the actor is cheating on his wife with Gloria Tang


Hong Kong singer-actor Pakho Chau, who tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Stephanie Chu in 2016, has become embroiled in rumours alleging that he is cheating on Stephanie with his Another Era co-star, Hong Kong actress Gloria Tang.

Gloria has been named as a “rising star” in TVB after appearing in currently-airing drama The Defected. Recent reports have alleged that Gloria, who has always been a fan of Pakho, had made the first move on the 34-year-old back in 2017.

As the duo worked together closely in Another Era, their relationship is reported to have developed over time, with Gloria maintaining their relationship by sending Pakho gifts even after filming ended. 

Last November, the duo celebrated their birthdays together, posting a number of pictures and videos from their celebration online. In a video uploaded by Gloria, Pakho can be seen singing a birthday song for Gloria. Their Another Era co-star Hong Kong actor Benjamin Yuen and his girlfriend Hong Kong actress Bowie Cheung were present as well.


Gloria also frequently uploads pictures taken together with Pakho, with Pakho leaving comments on the posts in response. “How many of our photos do you have?" one comment reads. Gloria’s caption also implied that they share a close relationship. “Although I’m often 'deceived' by him, I'm always happy when I film and collaborate with him,” she wrote, adding in a heart emoji.

The reports also quoted an insider, who shared that Gloria had been advised to keep her relationship with Pakho off the radar, especially given the backlash that Jacqueline Wong received after her cheating scandal. Gloria has since stopped posting pictures with Pakho.

When reached for a comment regarding the reports, Gloria replied, “I've worked together with Pakho Chau and Benjamin Yuen. They are my seniors (in the industry) and they look after me like brothers would do for a younger sister. Pakho and I celebrated our birthdays together as they fall on similar dates. We meet for meals when we have time, or on special occasions such as birthdays.”


Photos: PBE Media

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