Painting by Faye Wong’s 13-year-old daughter auctioned off for over S$170,000

Netizens suspect it was either Faye or her ex-husband Li Yapeng who bought it.


The spotlight has been on Chinese singer Faye Wong’s youngest daughter, Li Yan, as of late. The 13-year-old, who is studying in one of the most expensive schools in the world (which is said to cost over S$178,000 a year), has had her social media posts and spending habits come under heavy scrutiny.

More recently, an auction held by the Smile Angel Foundation also raised eyebrows as Li Yan’s artwork fetched HKD 1 million (approximately S$173,715). The painting features a panda sitting next to a bamboo shoot, which some netizens have claimed looks like “something that my toddler drew at pre-school”.

They were sceptical that this painting would earn that much at an auction, and mused that the painting has “no real value”. Netizens then concluded that it was probably either Faye or Li Yan’s father, Chinese actor Li Yapeng, who raised the value of the painting during the auction.

However, others stepped in to say that the Smile Angel Foundation, which was founded by Li Yan’s parents, would receive all proceeds from the sale, and that the intention of whoever paid the hefty sum is to help beneficiaries of the foundation.

The organisation, which is also known as the Yanran Angel Foundation, aims to help Chinese children born with cleft lips and was named after Li Yan, who was born with a severe cleft lip and underwent corrective surgery in the United States.

“Even if it was just a squiggle, her parents would treat it as the most precious treasure in the world,” one netizen shared. “Isn’t that the way all parents feel?”

Others remarked that it could have been one of Li Yan’s rich classmates who decided to show their support for their friend, and that others shouldn’t jump to conclusions without any proof.

Photos: PBE Media

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