Paige Chua: My performance in Mightiest Mother-in-Law wasn’t perfect

The actress, who was dubbed the Best Actress “hot favourite” shares her thoughts on missing out on the award


Local actress Paige Chua’s Best Actress loss at this year’s Star Awards seems to have come as a surprise to everyone except the actress herself.

Billed as the hot favourite for the award by members of the media and netizens, the 36-year-old, who was nominated for her performance as Guan Shu Hui, a feisty and domineering housewife, shared that she “never harboured much hope” of winning Best Actress from the very start.

“To me, being nominated alone feels like I’ve already won, as many people were satisfied with my performance”, she said. “I know that many reporters and netizens were very supportive of me, so I think that this is enough [for me], Im already satisfied. My performance in Mightiest Mother-in-Law wasn’t perfect, but everyone liked Guan Shu Hui, so I’m really very grateful for that."

And yes, judging from the amount of Guan Shu Hui related memes and reaction GIFs that we’ve seen floating around the internet, it’s safe to say that the reaction from netizens have been decidedly positive. 

Continuing on, Paige shares that “getting nominated [for the Best Actress award] alone felt like winning the lottery to me”. 

“Before the nominations list was released, I felt that if I wasn’t nominated, I’d be a little sad. However, after knowing that I was nominated, I felt more at ease,” she said.


The erstwhile hot favourite also revealed that her personal top pick for the Best Actress Award was her Mightiest Mother-in-Law co-star, Chen Liping.

“Of course, the other nominees were very strong contenders as well. After all, fame is a result of one’s hard work and talent, and Rebecca’s win is well-deserved,” Paige revealed, adding that she hopes to be able to improve further and surprise everyone with her acting in the future.

Paige also had nothing but praises for her other Mightiest Mother-in-Law co-stars, sharing that she was happy for Thomas Ong’s Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes award win, as it meant that Liping, who accepted the award on Thomas’s behalf, had the opportunity to represent the drama onstage.

“All the four main actors, and everyone [involved in the drama], did well. Filming was tiring, but we were all united and did our best. We were really happy and excited when we found out that the drama had such a good reception from the public,” she smiled.


But, the actress will not be going home empty-handed, having landed her fourth Top 10 Favourite Female Artistes trophy tonight. 

“I’m very thankful for the support of my fans and family, who've voted and spent money on this every year,” Paige said, adding that as she will have to return to Penang, Malaysia, tomorrow to resume filming for upcoming drama Blessing 2, she wouldn’t be able to have a proper celebration with her fans.

“I’ve bought some red bean pastries as a treat for them though, and I’ll be meeting with them after this to pass them the pastries and take some pictures together. We’ll have a proper celebration once I’m back from Penang,” she added.

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