Earlier this month, former actress Pace Wu’s fiancé, billionaire businessman Hu Xiaobo, was reported to be cheating on her with 22-year-old Chinese actress, Jelly Lin.

The reports went into great detail about Xiaobo’s alleged cheating, sharing that the businessman had brought Jelly as his plus-one to a dinner function in Macau, and that Pace had even confronted the duo in anger once.

Recently, another round of rumours regarding Xiaobo began spreading again. This time, he was said to have been arrested in Hong Kong on November 5. This time, Pace made a statement refuting the rumours, adding that she was letting her lawyers handle the case.

“Crazy! I’ve never paid mind (to rumours). Some people really just can’t stop making noise, it’s so annoying,” Pace expressed in frustration.

On Monday, she posted a picture of her family-of-five together with some foreign friends, as if to dispute the rumours of trouble in her relationship with Xiaobo.

Pace and Xiaobo got engaged in May 2013, but have yet to officially tie the knot. The couple has three children together, 4-year-old Hilary, 3-year-old Hans and 1-year-old Hudson. 

Click on to see the other photos Pace shared in her post.

Photos: PBE Media

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