Netizens think that one of the ‘Where Are We Going? Dad’ kids is Eddie Peng's spitting image

Time sure flies


Has it really been six years since the first season of Where Are We Going? Dad aired? A recent magazine shoot featuring some of the celebrity kids from the first two seasons of the show has gotten viewers surprised at how much the kids have grown in the six years since their appearance on the show.

The magazine shoot featured season one’s Guo Zi Rui (Shi Tou), the son of Chinese actors Guo Tao and Raina Lee, Zhang Yue Xuan (Tian Tian), the son of Chinese models Sean Zhang and Kou Jing, and Angela Wang, the daughter of Chinese director Wang Yuelun and Chinese actress Li Xiang. Season two’s Lu Yu Xuan (Belle) , the daughter of Chinese actors Lu Yi and Bao Lei as well as season four’s Cui Yahan.


Many viewers of the show expressed their surprise at Zi Rui’s good looks, comparing the 12-year-old to celebrities like Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng and Korean rapper T.O.P. They also commented that Zi Rui looks like a dependable older brother in his picture with Yahan.


Meanwhile, Yue Xuan seems to have inherited his model parents’ genes as he towered over the rest. He is reported to have hit the 170cm mark at the tender age of 11. Angela, who was doted on by both the cast and the public during her time on the show, has also blossomed into a confident 9-year-old. She is now a child actress.

Netizens couldn't help but to gush over the cuteness of Yu Xuan, who is now 10.


Photos: PBE Media

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