Last week, Prince Chiu shared a photo of himself riding the Taipei subway, but instead of getting mobbed by fans, the Taiwanese singer-actor revealed during a recent public appearance that nobody recognised him at all.

“Wasn’t that sad!?” his good friend Joanne Tseng, who was at the event with him, exclaimed. With a laugh, Prince explained that most of his fellow commuters were too engrossed in their phones and hardly even lifted their heads to observe their surroundings, and added that it actually felt quite wonderful to enjoy a moment of privacy.

The 30-year-old then recalled a time when he went on vacation and was secretly photographed by the people around him. “I don’t mind taking pictures with fans in public - just ask me nicely,” he said.

Besides the train snapshot, Prince has also been peppering his social media page with old photographs of himself. When asked if there was any special reason for the #throwback pics, he explained that he has recently been going through his old pictures. “When I started my career, I had hair like corn silk or a lion’s mane,” he quipped. “That’s my dark past!”

Joanne also admitted to making questionable style choices when she was younger. “When I was in primary school, I would buy temporary dyes and turn my hair into all sorts of weird colours every day,” shared the 30-year-old actress. “I had a face full of pimples back then. Thankfully, no pictures of that exist today!”

In other news, filming for Prince’s new idol drama Amensalism has just wrapped, so he has been spending his time catching up on other shows, including Taiwan-Singapore co-production All Is Well, which stars Joanne. “I hope the audience won’t be too confused by the two storylines,” she said. “It’s actually very simple!”

Photos: TPG