No, The Stars Of Jalan Jalan Can't Name 5 Local Street Names Starting With Jalan

Except for one of them. Which one?

Quick, can you name five Singapore street names starting with Jalan? Tick, tock, you have 20 seconds.

Turns out the cast of Jalan Jalan, the new Ch 8 longform drama which debuts tomorrow (Oct 30), can't either. The show revolves around the Zhang family, who runs a tour agency business, and stars Chew Chor Meng and Lin Meijiao, along with their screen children, played by Dawn Yeoh, Jeremy Chan, Jayley Woo and Joel Choo. The drama also stars Shane Pow, Terence Cao, James Seah and Hong Ling. 

At the show's press con, we asked a few of the stars to name five street names starting with Jalan. Easy, right? Except it's not. Watch and laugh. 

Jalan Jalan debuts Oct 30, 7.30pm on Channel 8.


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