Daniel Wu, Wang Qianyuan, Michelle Wai and more attended a lensing ceremony for their new film in Jiangmen, China on November 13.

Since starring in American television series Into the Badlands, Daniel has garnered more international fans. "They like me because of my martial arts skills, not because they think I am handsome!" he said.

He then explained that the reason he decided to take on this new role in a Chinese film after two years was because he liked the script and wanted to support a new director. "Wang Qianyuan is also a very talented and manly actor, and I am happy to be working with him," he said.

Daniel will keep his hair long for his role in his new film, which he said he likes. He previously lamented about wanting to return to the age of 16 on social media. "I've been losing a lot of hair and feel like I'm getting old," he explained with a laugh.

Whenever his work requires him to travel, Daniel said that he often misses his family. "But I'm quite a strict father, so maybe my daughter is happy [when I'm away]!" he quipped.

When asked if he plans to have another child, he said no. "I'm already 44 years old. My father had me when he was 45 years old and as a result, we were unable to do a lot of things together. I think one child is enough," he said.

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