No more kids for Christine Fan and Blackie Chen

The singer made the announcement at her apparel line’s pop-up shop

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Taiwanese celebrity couple Christine Fan and Blackie Chen, otherwise known as the parents of the adorable twin boys, Ryan and River Chen, made a joint appearance at the pop-up store for Christine’s apparel line on Sunday afternoon (June 10).

At the shop, Christine took on the role of the lady boss, using Blackie as her model as she explained how to pair and wear certain items from her clothing line.

The 42-year-old then went on to share that the line included kidswear suitable for kids from 100cm to 140cm tall. “A typical clothing tag [will be sewn on the inside of the shirt], causing the child’s neck to itch, so, we decided to print [our tag] directly on the collar, so that kids will not itch or scratch at their collar,” she shared, adding that the clothes were easy to match, and that her own boys wore them as well.

When asked if directly printing the clothing tag onto the collar was cheaper, Christine laughed and revealed that it was actually more costly as compared to simply stitching it on, and that she hoped that the kids who wear her self-designed clothing will be able to be happy and carefree.

Christine also revealed a line of clothing for girls, sharing, “Because I don’t have daughters, I used my imagination to visualise how I’d dress them up.”

“But, it’s impossible for me to give birth again,” she blurted out, surprising everyone. “I'm only saying that if a girl were to wear [these clothes] and run about, they’d definitely look cute!”.

Christine and Blackie Chen tied the knot in 2011, and welcomed their twin boys in January 2015.

Photos: PBE Media

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