Taiwanese actors Prince Chiu and Nini Ouyang attended a cosmeceutical brand's White Day celebration event in Taipei on March 9.

The duo spent the day creating their own healthy cocktails, and as it was also Nini's 23rd birthday, a cake was specially prepared for her. She admitted that after turning 20, she stopped enjoying birthdays as much as before because she does not like turning a year older.

Nini also seemed uncomfortable with standing next to the slender Prince. "Am I lot fatter than him?" she asked. "He is like a supernatural being - he never eats anything! Eating is just a way to keep him alive."

Prince acknowledged that he is someone who does not like the feeling of being too full after eating. "Once I am about 60 to 70 percent full, I will stop eating, because I am afraid of having difficulties breathing," he explained.

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