Nicky Wu purchases several properties for his family

Aside from getting a place for him and his wife, actress Cecilia Liu, Nicky also bought houses for his parents and brothers

nicky wu

Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu recently purchased four apartments worth NT$190 million (approximately S$8.5 million) in total for his family – claiming one for himself and wife Cecilia Liu, and the other three for his parents and two brothers.

Nicky purposely chose these apartments which are located away from the busy city area, in the Xinzhuang District of Taiwan, as this was his childhood estate. He also said that it would be more convenient for his parents as they were familiar with the place and knew the neighbours.

Nicky then hoped that this purchase would show his gratitude to his family, who have been supporting and helping him with the launch of his new restaurant in Beijing. He also shared that he felt regretful of the times he fought with his brothers when he was younger as he knew now that family was the most important.

The actor also revealed that he made the decision to buy a place in Taiwan after realising that he was not used to the weather in Shenzhen, where he was currently based in. He also expressed that since he and Cecilia travelled around the country frequently for their careers, it would not matter much which country they lived in.

However, the couple have no plans to reside in Taiwan at the moment as both of them were currently busy with work.

Nicky and Cecilia fell in love on the set of the Chinese period drama, Scarlet Heart and tied the knot last March after registering their marriage in 2015.

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