Nicky Wu cuts down on work to focus on family

The Taiwanese actor films two to three projects a year but plans to go slow now

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Are Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu finally acting on their plans to start a family?

After tying the knot in a luxurious Bali wedding ceremony in 2016, Nicky and Cecilia have been working non-stop, churning out projects after projects. Despite their busy work schedules, the couple always found time to for each other on and outside of their set life and appeared as loved up as ever whenever spotted in public.

With no new work projects in the pipeline for Cecilia, who has been on a ‘hiatus’ for a year, and Nicky intentionally scaling back work activities, it looks like they are finally ready to have kids.

Said Nicky at a recent press conference for his new Chinese TV drama Mr Nanny, “I want to go back to a normal life for the next one or two years and not just work. [I used to] take on two to three shows a year, on a back-to-back basis, now I feel that filming is just one part of [my life], the other part of me wants to spend more time with my family.”

From the looks of it, his hands-on training on the set of Mr Nanny will come in handy.

Nicky shared that he had familiarise himself with the ins-and-outs of caring for babies and little kids as he plays a confinement ‘manny’ in the show. Nicky added that he found it an interesting experience and hoped to educate viewers about this profession so as to “speak up for the other men” in this line of work.

“Practice makes perfect, so I got the hang of it after a few tries,” he said. “After taking on this role I also learned how technology can help improve our lives. For example, [products] with functions that warm up milk or help pump milk have never crossed my mind.”

Gaining hands-on experience proved to be the last of his worry when it came to preparing for the character, said Nicky, who was more bothered about mastering his lines that came with technical terms. The actor shared that he had to read and revise his scripts at home after work every day too.

“I’ve learned a lot through this role,” said Nicky, who is usually seen in business exec roles in dramas.

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