Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu spotted on a date between filming

The pair went on a shopping date during a filming break

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It’s been three years since Scarlet Heart couple, Taiwanese singer Nicky Wu and Chinese actress Cecilia Liu, tied the knot, and the pair is still as loving as ever. Despite the couple’s busy work schedules that keep them apart, the distance only seems to have served to strengthen their relationship, as the pair was spotted recently making use of their free time between filming to go on a date.

According to China media reports, the pair was spotted shopping in a mall in Shenzhen where Nicky was filming his scenes for new drama Mr. Confinement Nurse, after Cecilia visited him on set. Onlookers recounted seeing the couple hold hands the whole time they were shopping. The former Little Tigers band member also expressed his love for his wife by putting his arm around her during their date, and fed her chestnuts that he bought from a vending machine and peeled for her.

Earlier this month on January 9, the 47-year-old actor was also seen rushing to the airport even before changing out of his filming attire, just to send Cecilia off. In view of their unchanging love towards each other, netizens sent their well-wishes to the couple, wishing them to ‘live happily forever’.

Photo: PBE Media

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