Nicky Wu, Alec Su, Julian Chen to have Little Tigers reunion

It’s just dinner, but it’s a start


Taiwanese boyband Little Tigers were all the rage back in the 90’s. The trio consisted of Nicky Wu, Alec Su and Julian Chen, but unfortunately disbanded in 1995.

However, that hasn’t changed their friendship as Alec and Julian were spotted at Nicky’s wedding back in 2016.

Recently, Alec, who appeared on Creation Camp 2019, the Chinese equivalent of survival reality programme Produce 101  which will pick the top-voted trainees to debut in a project group, made a shout out to Nicky and Julian, whom he said he was thankful towards as they supported and helped him during his days as a boy group member.

He revealed that his performance was affected by his studies, and he would often struggle to keep up with the intensive training that they had to go through. The other two members would quietly help him, which allowed him to catch up with them.

After the episode was aired, Alec thanked them once again on his Weibo account, saying, “Nicky Wu, Julian Chen, it’s time for us to have a meal together.”

Nicky soon responded on Weibo with, “I know best how much effort you put in back then. This is my brother who’s that great! You said that you’d buy us dinner, so Julian and I are waiting for your cue.”

Alec then confirmed that they would set a date, but instead of eating out, he declared, “Brothers are for life. We’re the Little Tigers who stick together! Come to my place, I’ll cook for you!”

Photos: PBE Media

Little Tigers Alec Su, Julian Chen to attend Nicky Wu’s wedding

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