Nicholas Tse visited Taipei on May 8 to promote his brand of noodles, which he emphasised are made from only natural ingredients.

“My friends laughed at me and called me stupid for wasting so much time and money just to make noodles,” he said. “However, at least I can earn back some money from the products - it’s my show Chef Nic that costs a lot to produce, as much as 300 million RMB (about S$60 million) per season, but I’m very passionate about promoting Chinese cuisine to the world.”

The Hong Kong actor then admitted that he does cook for his girlfriend, Chinese singer Faye Wong, but he refrained from revealing her thoughts on his skills. He also shared that there was a period where he did not speak to his parents until about seven or eight years ago, when they finally found a common topic of conversation: cooking. “Now, I will sit together and chat with them, and they will give me their advice,” he said.

With so many projects to juggle including filming, making music, and his food travelogue show, Nicholas was asked if he ever finds it challenging to balance them all, to which he responded that he does not as he considers them all to be forms of entertainment. He then took the opportunity to show a scar near the corner of his eye, which was the result of an injury he sustained on the set of his new action film with Donnie Yen, Raging Fire.

Photos: TPG