Nicholas Tse turns the tables on Barbie Hsu’s prawn peeling debacle

The actor shared that he won’t eat crab legs unless its prepared for him

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In August 2018, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu sparked a debate online due to her comments on the reality show, Happiness Trio.

Whilst on the show, one of the meals that Barbie and her husband, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei had included whole prawns. It was during that meal when Barbie revealed that she does not eat prawns unless they are peeled for her by her husband.

Her comments largely divided netizens into two camps, with one taking Barbie’s side and praising her for her assertive ways, and another denouncing her for her “princess syndrome”.

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On a recent episode of Nicholas’s food show, Chef Nic, the actor, as well as special guest, Taiwanese actress Janine Chang headed over to a market in the Zhongshan District in Taipei, Taiwan.

Whilst at the market, the duo were presented with an array of fresh seafood to sample and try. However, when Janine offered Nicholas some crab legs, the 38-year-old declined.

Nicholas then revealed that that he only eats crab claws, and not the legs as he’s “too lazy” to get the flesh out of the its shell, to which Janine replied that it was a pity, as the legs of the crab have the sweetest flesh.

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To Janine’s surprise, Nicholas then laughingly declared with a roll of his eyes that if “the females don’t prepare it (for me), I won’t eat it,” to Janine’s astonishment. Eventually, she took on the task of deshelling the legs for Nicholas, to his delight.

He also explained his stance later on, sharing that he has always hoped to find someone to eat crabs together with. “(If there’s someone who is) willing to share with me, I’ll share with them, I don’t wish for (the crab legs) to go to waste as well,” he said, while munching on the crab meat that Janine had prepared for him.

Nicholas's comments reminded netizens of Barbie’s earlier comments, reigniting the debate once again, with some joking that Nicholas had “mounted an attack on Barbie’s ideology” with his comments.

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