Nicholas Tse secretly visits son in Hong Kong?

An anonymous netizen posted a picture of the singer-actor with Lucas

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Hong Kong singer-actor Nicholas Tse has been frequently lambasted in the news for his supposed lack of concern towards his two sons, Lucas, 11 and Quintus, 8, who are currently being cared for by his ex-wife, Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung.

Recently, an anonymous netizen posted a picture of the singer-actor, together with a young boy in white. Though the identity of the boy is not certain, due to the mosaic on his face, many believed it to be Lucas, his eldest son. The netizen shared that Nicholas had returned to Hong Kong for a quick visit, meeting up with Cecilia and his sons.

In the picture, Nicholas has a wide grin on his face as he tousles the hair of Lucas, who is leaning into his father’s arms.

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After the unverified picture of father and son was published, fans began sharing pictures of Nicholas when he was younger alongside pictures of Lucas, marvelling at the similarities between the duo. It is said that Lucas resembles Nicholas, while Quintus resembles Cecilia.

According to news reports, Nicholas and Cecilia have drawn up a schedule on days the boys can meet their father while special occasions like birthdays are usually reserved for Cecilia, said her manager.

Nicholas and Cecilia married in 2006 and filed for separation in 2012.

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