Nicholas Tse ponders on the virtue of letting someone go

Netizens wonder if the actor-singer was referring to his marriage with ex-wife Cecilia Cheung


With all the recent media coverage and attention on Hong Kong singer-actress Cecilia Cheung’s third child, as well as the speculation regarding the baby daddy, it’s no surprise that the 38-year-old’s ex-husband, Hong Kong singer-actor Nicholas Tse’s comments on marriage and relationships have been making the rounds online.

In a recent episode of the 38-year-old’s cooking show, Chef Nic, the actor-singer and Chinese girlgroup member Victoria Song journeyed to the Czech Republic, where they met an 80-year-old Chinese granny who had immigrated to the country years ago. As she greatly missed the taste of Chinese food, the duo took to the kitchens to whip up a feast for her.

While the trio were enjoying their meal, the granny took the opportunity to ask if Nicholas was married. After a moment’s pause, Nicholas replied, “Not yet,” causing those around him to break out in laughter.

The granny then started sharing more about her love life, encouraging Nicholas and Victoria to take good care of their other half.


“You guys must protect your wife well, protect your husband, because when you’re old, it’s extremely lonely to be alone. It’s only your other half that will let your heart be at peace, it’s true,” she said.

After hearing the granny’s words, Nicholas couldn’t help but to muse, “She advices us to cherish those around us, and to cherish them while we’re still able to do so, but sometimes, when you have to let go (of someone), you really have to do so.”

Following the broadcast of the episode, netizens and fans alike wondered if Nicholas’s words were referring to his previous marriage to Cecilia, as his current relationshipwith Chinese singer Faye Wong is said to be largely stable.

Photos: PBE Media

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