Last year, a dubious Chinese report claimed that Lucas Tse, the oldest son of Hongkong stars Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung, had slammed his dad in an interview, saying that he “doesn’t regret [his parents'] divorce” and that “[his father] is not good enough” for his mum.

An understandably unimpressed Nic promptly fought back with a statement through his management agency, clarifying that he has a good relationship with both his children. He also threatened legal action against anyone who continues to spread such harmful hearsay.

Well, the 39-year-old may have come up with another way to shut down all talk that he's a bad father... if recent Taiwanese reports are anything to go by.

According to Mirror Media, the enterprising Nicholas has amassed a huge fortune over the years thanks to his ventures in both business and showbiz — a whopping NT$4bil (S$190mil), to be exact.

And he’s leaving it all to his two boys.

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