Nicholas Tse has not spoken to his sister in a year

The singer-actor found out how Jennifer's baby looks through the news


At a recent press event, singer-actor Nicholas Tse surprised everyone when he shared that he has not spoken to his younger sister, actress Jennifer Tse, in a year. 

In June this year, Jennifer posted on her social media accounts that her daughter had just celebrated her 100th day since her birth. Jennifer’s post was a shot out of the blue for the public, as the 37-year-old had kept the news of her pregnancy a secret, choosing to step out of the spotlight during her pregnancy. To date, Jennifer has not revealed the identity of her baby daddy.

As it has been reported that Jennifer, who is currently residing in the United States, will be returning to Hong Kong soon, reporters asked Nicholas if he will be whipping up a feast to welcome his sister home.


However, Nicholas replied that he “hasn’t contacted or spoken to" Jennifer in a year, adding that he might not be in Hong Kong when she returns, and that he’s not sure when Jennifer will return either. 

The 39-year-old also shared that he has no idea what his baby niece looks like. “I only knew what she looked like after reading the newspapers. When asked if he will congratulate his sister on the birth of her daughter, he replied with a smile, “(I) wish her good fortune. Good luck!”

Later, Nicholas made sure to add that his lack of contact with Jennifer did not mean that they were on bad terms.  

“If she needs me, I’ll be sure to be there for her,” he vowed.

Photos: PBE MediaJennifer Tse/Instagram

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