Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung are still in contact: Deborah Lee

The divorced couple are still very more involved in parenting their two kids together

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The relationship between divorced celebrity couple Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse is not as estranged as it seems, confirmed Deborah Lee, Nicholas’ mother, at an event last Friday.

In fact, they are still in ‘close contact’ and the relationship between them have not soured, unlike what is reported in the media, especially after Nicholas got back together with ex-girlfriend Faye Wong a few years after their divorce and was noticeably absent from his sons’ milestone events, such as Lucas’ birthday party last year.

In an interview with the media, Deborah also shared that she met up with her grandson recently and revealed that Nicholas will be specially celebrating his son, Lucas’ 11th birthday (it falls on Aug 3).

The former actress also praised both Lucas and Quintus for being well-mannered children. “Both me and Nicholas think that their mummy have taught them well, [they are] very polite and taught well at home.”

When asked if she gave Lucas a birthday present, Deborah declined to reveal what she had bought and merely said, “I’m very happy [to see him] grow up quickly and big.”

According to news reports, Nicholas and Cecilia have drawn up a schedule on days the boys can meet their father while special occasions like birthdays are usually reserved for Cecilia, said her manager.

Nicholas and Cecilia married in 2006 and filed for separation in 2012.

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