Chinese boy band NEX7 might only have debuted for a few months, but the septet, made up Zhengting, Wenjun, Xinchun, Zeren, Chengcheng, Quanzhe and Justin, has already gathered a steady following.

The group, which is managed by Chinese company Yuehua Entertainment, saw its members gain recognition prior to their debut. In particular, Justin and Zhengting participated in Korean talent competition Produce 101 Season 2, which was where global sensations Wanna One was formed.

In addition, all the members also participated in China’s Idol Producer, and Zhengting, Justin and Chengcheng made the top nine and debuted as part of Nine Percent.

As part of their NEXT TO YOU World Tour, NEX7 performed in Kuala Lumpur for the first time and fans were treated to a two-hour extravaganza which comprised of 19 songs. In addition, there were also opportunities for the fans to get closer to their idols, as interactive sessions such as group photos also took place after the show.

Following the successful wrap-up of their gig in Malaysia, NEX7 is slated to perform in Bangkok and Hong Kong as part of their ongoing tour.

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Photos: STARLUX Entertainment Group

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