Hongkong star Gillian Chung announced her engagement to her Taiwanese doctor-boyfriend Michael Lai today by posting a photo of a diamond ring on her Instagram account, with the caption: “Next stop happiness!”

Gillian, who turned 37 on Jan 21, also posted on Weibo: “This is the best present I’ve received on my Lunar birthday. Thanks for your love.”

The couple’s relationship was made public last October after Michael was photographed by Apple Daily visiting Gillian at her apartment on several occasions when she was in Taipei to film a web drama. After she returned to Hongkong, he was seen at her home again.

Michael, 29, who’s nicknamed the ‘Sunny Wang of the medical world’, because of his striking resemblance to the 35-year-old Taiwanese actor, was briefly married to Taiwanese blogger Ivy Chao in 2016.

Speaking to Apple Daily through a friend, Michael said: “I’m not a celeb so I’d like to remain low profile. However, I’ll work hard in my career to give Gillian happiness. I hope to get everyone’s blessings.”

Meanwhile, this marriage will be Gillian’s first. She was previously romantically linked to Hongkong stars Shawn Yue and Edison Chen, who have both found their own happily-ever-afters with their respective partners. 

Shawn, 36, announced his marriage to Taiwanese model Sarah Wang in December, while Edison was seen with his 10-month-old daughter Alaia and Chinese supermodel-wife Qin Shupei vacaying in Hawaii on New Year’s Eve. 

Hongkong star Charlene Choi, who's Gillian’s Twins bandmate, commented on the IG post: "There are a thousand things I want to say to you, love you forever.”

At her first public appearance this evening, Gillian said of her engagement: "I met the right person at the right time, and I'd like to share my joy with everyone." She also revealed that Michael got down on one knee and proposed to her with flowers, and that she didn't cry although she was very touched. She alluded to the sex scandal between her and Edison a decade ago, adding: "He accepts everything that happened to me in the past, and would also arrange everything to fit with my schedule. I'm very touched." 

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