Recently, Hongkong singer Miriam Yeung posted a throwback photo from her showbiz debut 25 years ago on her socials, reminiscing about the days when she was a newbie trying to make it big in the industry. It was a seemingly innocuous post, but it was soon overrun by netizens who decided to quote a particular line from Miriam’s self-titled song, 'Miriam Yeung'.

While these comments might look like a way for netizens to pay homage to Miriam’s illustrious career in showbiz at first glance, the line netizens chose tells a different story.

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Mini Ting 看到這相説:Mom, who is she?..... 😓😓😓😓Me:吓😨.... Arrrrrrrrrrrr.... 一晃眼25 🌟 由少女到中女,笑中有淚,淚中帶序,我人生算是盛載很多眼淚的一位女歌手了💧💧💧(水瓶座音樂此時響起)跟著時代巨輪走到現在,從來沒有想像過,一剎那,一個疫情可以改變整個世界。人生中經歷過的不管好與壞,成功或失敗,開心與傷心,一切都是珍貴的,活著很感恩,感謝所有一起共事過的朋友,所有合作過的唱片、經理人公司的伙伴,音樂製作人,填詞的老師們,樂手,教導過我的前輩和老師,給予我演出機會的導演,每一位合作過的演員和歌手,所有一直義無反顧支持我包容與體諒我的歌迷們,不管大家在路途上,上車或下了車,待過我好的,一輩子放在心裡,因為好不容易遇見愛,所有都是最好的債💜人生在倒數,餘下時間,我會繼續努力活著,好好鍛鍊,珍惜身邊愛我的人,我最愛的家人,實踐自己的夢想,堅持做自己喜歡的事👦🏻🎤🎼🎬🥂🍝🥧🧁🥟 🏋🏻‍♀️⛹🏻‍♀️🧗🏻‍♀️👨‍👩‍👦疫情仍然嚴峻,日子不好過,我們一起齊心抗疫,不要鬆懈💪🏻😷努力堅持,身體健康,期待下次一起慶祝「大壽」🌟 #感謝大家在網上剪接送給我的紀念片段🥂 #回憶滿滿 #第14屆新秀歌唱大賽 #MY25 #1995年7月16日

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You see, the line translates to “If [you] could be open and honest, you will be more attractive”, and it was used as a way to criticise the 46-year-old for her comments regarding the Hongkong pro-democracy protests.

In June last year, Miriam had uploaded a post that was widely believed to be in support of the pro-democracy protests on her Instagram. A month later, the singer claimed that her IG had been hacked. Her management agency later uploaded a statement, asserting that they are "vehemently against the fabricated reports that Miss Miriam Yeung supports the Hongkong independence movement”.

This drew heavy criticism from those who supported the pro-democracy protests in Hongkong.