Gillian Chung's divorce from Taiwanese-American doctor Michael Lai has shocked the Internet, and it comes as no surprise that everyone is looking at Edison Chen to see if he has anything to say about the split. After all, he famously, um, dated the Hongkong star more than decade ago. For the uninformed, the pair, together with Cecilia Cheung, was involved in the earth-shattering 2008 sex photos scandal that basically destroyed all their careers

But we digress. Shortly after Gillian and Michael Lai's divorce made the news on May 8, netizens noticed that Edison had Instagrammed the album cover of TLC’s CrazySexyCool, along with the caption “DIGGING ON YOU!”

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While Edison could very well be just talking about his love for TLC's 1992 hit 'Diggin' On You', many netizens somehow came to the conclusion that the father-of-one was, um, making a dig at Gillian’s situation and that he was calling her divorce “crazy”. 

His followers had a field day in the comments section. “Cecilia Cheung got divorced and now Gillian Chung is divorced too. Edison, you’re the only one who’s still married,” wrote a follower, while another said: “I think Gillian will look for you after this. I think she only has you in her heart”, referring to the news that Gillian had spent thousands of dollars on a live streamer who looked like Edison.

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