Netizens slammed for secretly taking photos of Godfrey Gao's parents at movie premiere

Godfrey had a guest appearance in the movie, which was filmed before his passing


The premiere of upcoming comedy movie Lost in Russia, which was held on January 17 attracted a fair bit of attention, as it was one of a handful of projects that Taiwanese model-actor Godfrey Gao had taken part in before he passed away last November after collapsing while filming Chinese variety programme Chase Me.

Lost in Russia's poster had the words, “Dedicated to Godfrey Gao” featured on it. Chinese actor-director Xu Zheng, who directs and stars in the movie, previously spoke out against the producers of Chase Me in the wake of Godfrey’s death.

After the premiere of the movie, a number of netizens took to their Weibo accounts to share that they had seen Godfrey’s parents at the cinema. Some shared pictures that they had secretly snapped of the late actor’s parents, revealing that they had sat in the very last row of the theatre.

Soon after, the production team of Lost in Russia made a post online, urging these netizens to delete the pictures of Godfrey’s parents.

“The couple bought tickets to the premiere on their own and also arranging for their own accommodation as well. (Godfrey’s parents) requested for their attendance to be kept private, which the production team did to the best of their abilities,”  they wrote in their post, urging the public to respect the privacy of Godfrey’s family.

Other netizens quickly chimed in, sharing that those who took photos of the grieving family should have put themselves in the shoes of Godfrey's parents. "All they wanted to do was to see their son shine on the screen. Is it that hard to give them space to do that?" one wrote angrily. Most of the photos have since been deleted.

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