We all know that celebs have a thing for opening F&B outlets and Chinese power couple Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming are no different. The stars own a bubble tea shop and now, a high-end yakiniku restaurant A.Charcoal, which made the news recently but not for the right reason.

While we typically pay under $200 for a good yakiniku meal, at Angelababy's resto, a meal can go up to $677, according to Chinese actor Chen He's recent experience there. 

Chen bragged on Weibo about his fancy feast, which included sashimi, wagyu beef, king crabs and sake.

One of the photos he posted, which he has since deleted, revealed a bill for RMB3,288 ($677). Netizens promptly called the restaurant out  for being “unaffordable for the masses” and that dining there is equivalent to “eating up half a month’s salary”.

The truth? The restaurant is located in Shanghai's Nanjing West Road, an upscale area which is also home to the city's luxury fashion boutiques. Which explains the sticker shock — so go only if you have dough to blow or if you are an Angelababy superfan. 

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