Netizens conclude that Fan Bingbing isn't broke after all after she spent S$7695 on a meal

The actress previously rumoured to be selling off her possessions in order to pay the hefty fine for evading taxes


Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has had a bit of a rough year. She landed a S$95 million dollar fine after being found guilty of tax evasion last October, and was later rumoured to be selling off her branded goods in order to pay off the said fine.

The launch of her beauty brand was also marred by poor reviews, with some netizens remarking that her net worth would have plummeted drastically. With Bingbing still on hiatus from her acting projects, some even went as far to speculate that she could be "as broke as us by now".

However, it seems that their concerns were all for naught as she was spotted at a fine-dining restaurant dubbed the “most expensive restaurant in Shanghai”. After the meal, Bingbing stayed behind to snap some pictures with the owner, as well as the service staff that had served her during her meal.

Later, the owner uploaded some pictures of the actress at the restaurant on his personal Weibo account, writing, “If we had not met face-to-face, I wouldn’t have know that Bingbing, who’s oh-so-slim, is actually a gourmet."


"Her appetite’s really good too, she’s very amiable and down-to-earth and totally different from the rumours. She’s a very kind person! We’ve since made an agreement to sample delicious food together," he gushed.

Netizens took the opportunity to do some sleuthing, and later shared that the restaurant Bingbing had dined at came with an exorbitant price tag. According to their research, guests at that particular restaurant are estimated to spend RMB40,000 (S$7695) per visit.

Guess she isn't that broke after all.

Photos: PBE Media

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