Netizens are in awe of Barbie Hsu’s huge house

“Their walk-in wardrobe is bigger than my entire home!”


Taiwanese host Barbie Hsu has been in showbiz for over two decades, and has made bank from her hosting gigs, endorsements and more. Her husband, Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei, is reported to be in the millionaire club, and has even dedicated and named a boutique hotel after his wife.

While it is no secret that the couple is well-to-do, netizens got a huge dose of reality when Xiaofei uploaded mirror selfies of himself on August 13, which he soon deleted as netizens started speculating about the couple’s wealth.

Posting two selfies of himself in different outfits doing a mini ‘fashion show’ in his walk-in closet, Xiaofei asked netizens for help in picking an outfit. Instead of making a choice, the focus soon turned to his surroundings as people began posting comments about his home instead.

For one, they noticed that there was a sofa in his walk-in closet, and that all the clothes in there looked like they were his - which meant that Barbie was likely to have her own walk-in wardrobe as well. 

“Their walk-in wardrobe is bigger than my entire home!” one netizen bemoaned, while another added fuel to the fire with, “Does it make you feel any better to know that the one in his photo is just one of the two, or maybe even three, that they have?" 

Some also brought Xiaofei’s mother into the debate, as the businesswoman was previously found guilty of failing to declare over HK$500,000 (S$86,400) of assets. They wondered in the comments if Xiaofei has been declaring his assets and paying his taxes as required by the law.

Photos: PBE Media

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