Netizens are convinced that Lin Chi-ling has found her doppelgänger

And they even took a photo together.

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Celebrity doppelgängers aren’t anything new, but they never cease to amaze people – especially when they take a photo together.

That’s exactly what happened on January 3, when Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling and Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin’s wife, Kelly Chen, snapped a photo together at Mandopop princess Jolin Tsai’s Ugly Beauty concert in Taiwan. Other familiar faces who were present at Jolin’s gig were Show Luo, Selina Jen, Shu Qi, Tanya Chua, Valen Hsu and Rene Liu.

The photo, which was posted on Jimmy’s Facebook page on January 6, caught the attention of netizens, with many commenting on how alike they look.

“Why are there two Lin Chi-lings in this photo?” one wrote, while another shared, “Isn’t this a family reunion for this pair of twins?”

Netizens also took the opportunity to praise Chi-ling for her youthful looks, musing that the 45-year-old is nine years older than Kelly, but the pair look so much alike that they could pass off as twin sisters.


Photos: PBE Media

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