Netizens are convinced that Fan Bingbing, Li Chen have not broken up

They announced on June 27 that they were going back to being just friends

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Fan Bingbing and Li Chen’s breakup has been the talk of the town since the pair announced their split on June 27.

On the day of their announcement, netizens pointed out that the pair seemed to be riding on the hype of the Song Joong Ki-Song Hye Kyo divorce news, which was announced hours before the Chinese couple’s breakup.

After which, Bingbing was rumoured to be pregnant - speculation that was quickly shot down, with the actress quipping that she put on too much weight during her hiatus.

At the time, there were rumours that their breakup news was just for show, and that the pair was still very much in love. The most common theory that was brought up was thatBingbing needed a boost to her image of being a strong independent woman, which was why they decided to go with the announcement to help her make a grand showbiz comeback.

The debate was reignited this week as Li Chen uploaded photos of him at the musical The Pillowman on Weibo. After his post on August 4, netizens uploaded photos of Bingbing at the same musical, with netizens wondering why they had to conceal the fact that they attended the event together if they went as just friends.

This went on for hours until the production company stepped forward to clarify that Li Chen watched the musical on August 2, while Bingbing popped by a day after. Netizens, however, are still not convinced and speculated that this is all an elaborate cover-up.

While it is not known when Bingbing and Li Chen started dating, they got engaged in September 2017 and announced their breakup on June 27 this year.

Photos: PBE Media

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