NBA star Jeremy Lin pays touching tribute to Godfrey Gao

They were close friends before the actor’s passing last November.

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Basketball star Jeremy Lin has been the centre of attention since returning to Asia after his very successful stint in the United States.

His every move, along with what he’s wearing, is constantly being watched by netizens and basketball fans alike. There was an opening dinner for the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) All-Star Weekend on January 10, where he was asked who he was wearing to the event.

“My brother Gao Yixiang (Godfrey Gao) gave me this suit. I’m wearing it today to pay tribute to him,” Jeremy shared. “I felt like I should wear this today.”

He let on tha Godfrey personally customised the suit for him, and that he felt that it was only fitting for him to wear it because of Godfrey’s love for basketball.

Godfrey previously participated in Jeremy’s celebrity charity exhibition basketball matches, and also supported Jeremy when he had to miss an entire NBA season because of an injury.

In November, weeks after Godfrey’s passing, Jeremy also wore a pair of shoes with Godfrey’s picture on them to a game. He posted them on his Instagram account with the caption, “Tonight’s shoes were dedicated to you. Needed some time to find the words to post, but the world will miss you bro. From playing pickup basketball to comforting me in Vancouver when I was rehabbing from my worst injury to gifting my Beijing Ducks teammates free suits to supporting my celebrity game all 3 years and more. Gentle, humble, loving. I’ll miss you bro. (sic)”

Godfrey passed away at the age of 35 after collapsing on the set of Chinese variety show Chase Me.

Photos: PBE Media

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