Natalie Tong attended an event at a racecourse in Hong Kong last Sunday (Oct 20), where she admitted that her dress was a little too big for her as she had recently lost some weight.

The reason for her weight loss? A new addition to her family, namely, a kitten that’s not even two months old yet. “Now, there are three cats to take care of at home, and as soon as I wake up, I need to feed them every three hours or so,” she explained. “Because of that, I barely have any time to sleep!”

Looking after a trio of fur-kids has given the 38-year-old actress a taste of what it’s like to be a mother. “I already find it difficult to part ways with my cats when I leave the house, I imagine [the separation anxiety] will be worse with a real baby!” she said, adding that she believes she would probably take a break from work for a year if and when she has a child of her own.

While Natalie refrained from commenting too much when asked about her rumoured boyfriend, education consultant Samuel Chan, she openly shared that her future partner must be an animal lover like herself. “My oldest cat is very opinionated when it comes to men,” she chuckled. “I once brought a guy home and it didn’t seem to like him very much, so next time, my future boyfriend must pass this ‘test’ with my three cats!”

Photos: TPG, Facebook/Natalie Tong, Instagram/Natalie Tong