Nancy Wu, Annie Lau, Steven Ma, Kenneth Ma, Edwin Siu and Jacqueline Huang attended a celebration party for their TV series Deep In The Realm Of Conscience in Hong Kong on July 25.

When asked if they are confident about winning any awards for the show, Steven said, "I don't have any high expectations, but if the company were willing to give us any awards, of course that would be great."

It was rumoured that Nancy and Owen Cheung fell in love on the set of the series. Nancy said, "I don't know where these rumours come from." When asked if she would object to being in a May-December relationship, she said, "When you are my age, you don’t really have that many choices. I would not mind falling in love with a younger man. Age is not a problem."

Edwin and Stefan Wong are set to film a cooking show together in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When asked if Edwin's girlfriend Priscilla Wong will accompany him to the city, he said, "She will go too, but it's not to accompany me. She has work there as well."

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