Nana Ouyang gets attacked by netizens for thanking medical workers at the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak

Her innocuous post somehow incurred the wrath of netizens.


Poor Nana Ouyang. The 19-year-old musician and actress shared a post on her Weibo last Wednesday (Jan 22) with a message paying tribute to the medical workers at the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak, only to receive a barrage of angry comments from netizens in return.

Nana’s supposed “crime” was sharing a post that many other celebrities had also uploaded to their respective Weibo accounts, along with a caption reading, “A salute to all the medical personnel. You guys have to take care of yourselves and stay safe even while treating the sick. Everyone, you must take the necessary precautions as well to protect yourself and your family, particularly your elders and the elderly. Wishing for everyone to be safe and healthy.”

However, netizens were not impressed by the actress’s well-meaning words, and left comments attacking her. In their comments, many of the netizens made reference to a post Nana had shared last year in the wake of Taiwanese model-actor Godfrey Gao’s death.

The post, which was originally shared by Chinese actress Song Jia, read, “A high-risk occupation. My colleagues, please make sure to protect yourselves no matter how much you love [your job].”

“Now, do you know what a high-risk [occupation] entails?” one netizen questioned the comments of Nana’s more recent update, while another wrote in jest, “Nana, isn’t it dangerous to use your phone to make a Weibo post now?”

Not everyone was full of spite, though. Some also spoke up in Nana’s defence, chastising those who left hateful remarks for their unnecessary behaviour. “Why are you guys so eager to spread hate?” one asked. Others also praised her for showing concern for current affairs despite her young age.

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