Mystery male seen with Tiffany Hsu revealed to be her makeup artist

The actress was recently spotted behaving very close to an unknown male who was not her boyfriend, Liu You Nian

tiffany hsu

Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu was recently witnessed having a girl’s night out with her manager three days ago. They were said to have gone shopping, however, many noted that Tiffany appeared very bothered and restless as she kept frowning throughout the night.

Netizens speculated certain friendship issues had dampened her mood, as the actress had posted a picture on Instagram the same night, which was a scene from a movie that read “true friends stab you in the front.”

“The friends who know you well will always believe you. Otherwise, they will just ask you directly. I hope that everyone is able to focus on their own happiness and not spread any false information,” Tiffany wrote.

She was then spotted meeting up with an unknown male after parting ways with her manager. The two looked like they were having a lot of fun, and Tiffany’s mood visibly improved as she smiled the entire time she was with him.

Before she left, she received a tight hug from him after passing him something from one of her shopping bags. However, many were quick to note that this was not her cinematographer boyfriend Liu You Nian.

Her manager has spoken out and said that the mystery male was Tiffany’s long-term make-up artist and the gift was a present for his birthday. She also added that the actress’s lethargic mood was due to fatigue as she just finished a long photoshoot at Yangmingshan in the day and was caught in the sudden downpour, leaving her very tired. 

Tiffany confirmed her relationship with You Nian in October.

Photo: PBE Media

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