Myolie Wu wants a child born in the Year of the Pig

The actress currently has a eight-month old son


Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu made an appearance at the gala premiere of movie Death Wish, where she shared more about her life as a mother, as well as updates about her son, 8-month old Brendan Lee.

The 38-year-old shared that Brendan has started teething recently, and has taken to biting everything he sees to alleviate his pain, from Myolie herself, to pieces of meat. She added that Brendon, who weighs in at 22 pounds (approximately 9.9kg) likes to stick to people, and that he is not particularly picky with his food or fussy when it comes to sleeping.

Myolie, who has previously shared that she wants to have a second child, smilingly said, “[I] heard that babies born in the Year of the Pig aren’t too bad,” when asked about her plans to expand her family.

However, as she still has a number of work commitments to attend to, the actress will only start trying for a second child in the next few months. 

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